Statement regarding the future of the Franciscan International Study Centre



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We are now accepting applications for our Residential Spiritual Direction Training 2017. For details, see our Spiritual Direction page. 

Forthcoming Events at the Franciscan International Study Centre 

  Michaelmas Term Evening Talks by Fr Austin McCormick OFM, Franciscan International Study Centre, Giles Lane, Canterbury, Thursdays 7-9, starting 13 October. 1. Can Church teaching change? 2. What did God really reveal? 3. What about papal infallibility? 4. Explain the Eucharist. 5. Who is Jesus Christ? 6. What difference does grace make? 7. Have we forgotten Original Sin? 8. What morality did Jesus teach? 9. Renounce the world, or change it? 10. Is there salvation in other religions?    

Canterbury Food Bank and SVP Collections A collection bin for the Canterbury Food Bank is available on Sundays in the foyer and on other days in the refectory. We also have a collection point for donations of clothing for the SVP.