Prayer & Theology of St Francis

This module enables students to assimilate the prayer and theology of St. Francis as communicated through his writings. It deals in depth with the devotional Office which Francis created for his daily prayer and shared with his community. It also examines five areas of theology extracted from his writings: Penance, the Mother of Christ, the Eucharist, peace, and creation.  

The module will examine segments of the Office of the Passion, considering their structure, aims, theology and author’s intentions.  The edition of André Cirino and Laurent Gallant will be used.  There will be instruction in using this text in personal and community prayer.  Students will deepen their understanding of this Office by praying it together reflectively.  Additionally, they will gain experience of the music composed for this edition by Josef Raischl.  Studies of the Office by other authors will also be presented.

Sessions in the rest of the module will typically employ input with visual aids, summarised in hand-outs, followed by group discussion and feedback.  

Duration: 20 hours, comprising one 2-hour session per week over a ten week term.