Developing Community Life 

This Module aims to provide a practical course on the development of community life in our friaries and conventsby drawing from the spirit and charism of Saint Francis and the Franciscan movement and by the sharing of personal experiences and challenges in community life. Each session will be devoted to one particular aspect of community life, with input followed by opportunity for sharing of personal experience in each of the following areas: Praying the Divine Office, Food, Alcohol, Recreation, Friendship,  Close relationships within community, Favouritism, Opportunities to share and the breaking of trust, Finance, Small communities, Large communities, Late vocations, Pets, Conflict resolution, Tension between clerical and lay brothers, Conservative v. liberal, Multicultural issues, Dealing with departures, Movements after Chapter.    

Duration: 20 hours, comprising one 2-hour session per week over a ten week term.
An Oral Presentation in which you are asked to think of a community that you have known or were personally a member of.

- Describe in detail three strengths of that community.

-Without naming people, describe three struggles or tensions within that community.

-Explain what was done or, with hindsight, what could have been done to help overcome the tensionsand to help improve the life of that community.  

Each Presentation is to last for a minimum of 20 minutes.