Aspects of Franciscan Spirituality

This module will introduce students to certain aspects of Franciscan Spirituality by looking at the writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, the words of Sacred Scripture in which Saint Francis is firmly rooted, the early biographies and more recent writings. It will also draw upon our own personal experience so that students may see how these aspects of Franciscan Spirituality continue to be alive and active in our world today. The module will provide an in-depth analysis of the following aspects of Franciscan life and Spirituality: Fasting and Prayer; Brotherhood and Sisterhood; Forgiveness and Reconciliation; Embracing the Leper; Preaching or Solitude; Sent out on mission; The Humility of God; Romanticism. 

Duration: 20 hours, comprising one 2-hour session per week over a ten week term.
You have been asked to give a presentation on certain aspects of Franciscan Spirituality. Imagine your audience is a group of young men and women who have recently joined the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS) or a Franciscan Youth movement and are keen to learn more about the spirituality of the Franciscan movement. Prepare and deliver a 20 minute presentation on any three aspects of Franciscan Spirituality. 

Full Course Description (PDF file)