This module consists essentially in praxis.  Students will be given some input to assist them where available. Case studies and role play will be used.  Class interaction and discussion are essential.  Theological reflection will also be used.  

The weekly sessions will treat the tasks and skills that are entailed in the ministry of religious formation.  The principal themes include:  prayer life in formation [liturgical prayer and private devotions, prayer forms, days of recollection, retreats]; community life [the annual calendar, the daily horarium, regular (e.g., monthly) meetings of the formation community]; personal growth as individuals [regular (e.g., monthly) meeting, reviewing and assessing emotional and personal growth]; organising the academic programme (internal or external); use of external resources [spiritual directors, psychological counselors, supervisors in ministry], writing reports [annual reports, reports including recommendation (e.g., admission to profession, promotion to orders)]; rapport with order/congregation-at-large, major superior, local community, administrative tasks [maintaining records, annual budget]; crisis moments (e.g., vocational crisis, death of relations, departures from the community, crossing the boundary of affectivity)]; formation ministry and canon law. 

Duration: 20 hours, comprising one 2-hour session per week over a ten week term.
Indicative Bibliography  

Documents from the Holy See pertinent to religious formation. Perfectae Caritatis, Renewal of Religious Life, Vatican II Vita Consecrata, Apostolic Exhortation. Constitutions, statutes and directives of the religious orders and congregations to which the students belong.

Theology of Religious Life

A Life of Promise:  Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, Francisc Moloney, S.D.B., Michael Glazier, Inc. Wilmington, Delaware, 1984.

Discipleship:  Towards an Understanding of Religious Life, Claret Center for Resources in Spirituality, 1983.

Articles and handouts from the Cord, Human Development and Review for Religious. 

Students' work is assessed as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.