With the Spirit as Our Guide...


Are you considering if God is calling you to become a spiritual director? Do you think that God has gifted you with the skills needed to be an effective spiritual guide?  Has God graced you with the attitudes and dispositions to accompany others on their spiritual journey?

Our Resident Spiritual Direction Training (RSDT) programme is designed to develop and nurture the skills and the spirit of an effective spiritual director.  It builds on the personal and collective wisdom and teachings of many spiritual guides and traditions.  The programme is designed to be engaging, creative, informative and challenging.    Its multi-layered modes of instruction, training and practice are designed to allow participants to integrate the knowledge and skills gained over the ten-week period.  It also provides participants time and space to reflect on their own journey with God as you make room to listen to the Spirit.


 ...in the Footsteps of the Lord 

Francis of Assisi produced no handbook in the art of spiritual direction.  His life experience, however, and his spiritual journey provide us with an outstanding example of someone who has walked the path of Christian discipleship.  He came to learn to make room for the Lord in his life.  His ear became attuned to the voice of the Lord and the promptings of the Spirit.  He readily turned to the Lord to discover the sense of what was happening to him and how he was being called to serve God and others.  He came to experience a deep and enduring peace within his heart  and to know that it was purely a gift from God.  Desiring to share this gift with all, he was accustoming to greet everyone with the words Pax et Bonum, Peace and Good.

Francis of Assisi gave birth to a movement with a rich spiritual tradition that has been warmly embraced by men and women, lay people and clergy, Christians and non Christians alike.  Our programme taps the riches of this spiritual heritage, and the site of our programme is imbued with the Franciscan spirit.  Our programme is truly Franciscan.  

Our programme is also Ecumenical.  Francis of Assisi lived and flourished in the 13th Century.  The well springs of the richness of the Franciscan tradition predate the divisions in the Christian Church that were introduced during the reformations that began in the 16th Century.  Our programme is based on the recognition of the sacred ground of every individual.
Francis of Assisi understood God as the source of all good.  He grasped the harmonious network of relationships within creation, such that all creatures were sisters and brothers to one another as they all have one and the same loving Father.
Thus, we call our programme ecumenical in that it welcomes participants from all Christian denominations, and it is characterised by an inclusive and all encompassing spirit and leads to accompanying others on their distinctive journey of faith.