Distance Learning FAQs

How many written assignments are there in each module and of what length the assignment is to be?
For Units One and Two, each Module is assessed by the writing of one essay with a minimum length of 1,500 words. For Unit Three, the entire Unit is assessed by one 3,000 word essay.

What is the cost per Unit?
The cost of per Unit is £80.

Is this course all on-line?
This course has been designed to be accessible to the widest range of students.

  • The preferred method of submitting assignments is email
  • For students who do not have Internet access assignments may be submitted by post
  • Student not resident in the UK must submit assignments by email

Accessibility to research material?
Students are provided with a work book containing the course material divided into Units, Modules and Lessons, fost units the work book also contains all essential reading material. All students studying the life of St Francis and the Franciscan movement should have access to all volumes of Francis of Assisi: Early Documents.

Copies of the following publications can be obtained from the Franciscan Bookshop:

  • Volume I Francis of Assisi: The Saint
  • Volume II Francis of Assisi: The Founder
  • Volume III Francis of Assisi: The Prophet
  • Clare of Assisi: The Lady

Is there a need for face to face supervision?
No, this course is conducted entirely by email or post.

What are the entrance requirements?
This course has been designed to be accessible to the widest range of students; there are no specific entrance requirements.