Networked Learning: Franciscan Themes

If you are a newcomer to Franciscan spirituality, you may want a taste of the diverse outlooks available, before you start any structures learning, especially where this involves historical detail. To help you to explore freely, we would like to offer you a guide to a range of valuable internet resources. You can equip yourselves with a better understanding of Francis, Clare and the early friars, as well as the best known theologians. On the way, you will become familiar with modern topics which have been boosted by the use of Franciscan themes: a theology of the environment, concern for the marginalised, ecumenical sensitivity and inter-faith discussions, and much more. Download this PDF file, and explore the links provided there. We look forward to hearing about whatever responses and questions may come to the fore in your spiritual life as a result.

Chris Dyczek, OFM.