Inquirers from the Kent area, or from London and the Southeast generally, may want to discuss the option of visits for tutoring. Tutoring will be possible in Church history, Spirituality, Theology and Philosophy (at £20 an hour).

Borrowing from our extensive library (60,000 volumes) will be one of the advantages of any tutoring arrangement. This could be as brief as a single visit, or as extensive as a series of sessions lasting a year or more. The tutor is likely to be available on a Saturday, making it easier for those in full-time employment to benefit. Those engaged in a course of studies at another institution are welcome to strengthen and deepen their research in this way, and can submit writing for constructive comments. It may be advisable to inform a supervisor of their recourse to our material.

Contact email:   distancelearning@franciscans.ac.uk

Dr. Chris Dyczek, OFM (Tutor).