Unit 1 - The World of Francis

Module One:  The Church at the time of St. Francis

This module treats of the state of the Church at the time of Francis and the Church’s response to the problems faced in a feudal world.

Lesson 1. Francis of Assisi: birth name and family
Lesson 2. The problems faced by the Church in the Middle Ages
Lesson 3. The Church’s response to the problems
Lesson 4. Unorthodox movements of reform in the Church
Lesson 5. Pope Innocent III and the Fourth Lateran Council
Lesson 6. Church reform and the Fourth Lateran Council
Lesson 7. The Penitential Movement
Lesson 8. The Franciscan Penitential Movement


Module Two: Francis and the world of his time

This module introduces you to the political, economic and social context in the world at the time of St Francis. Francis lived in a turbulent world which was experiencing great changes, although at a much slower pace than in our lives.

Lesson 1. Holy Roman Empire
Lesson 2. Assisi between Imperial and Papal powers
Lesson 3. The Crusades
Lesson 4. Travel and Communications
Lesson 5. The people of Assisi
Lesson 6. The town of Assisi at the time of Francis


Module Three: The life of Saint Francis

This module introduces you to the life of Francis, to be continued in the second unit of the course.  

Lesson 1. Introduction to medieval lives of saints
Lesson 2. The initial Conversion Period
Lesson 3. Francis and the early followers
Lesson 4. The Early Rule
Lesson 5. 1212-1216
Lesson 6. 1216-1218
Lesson 7. 1218-1221
Lesson 8. Greccio and La Verna 1223-1224
Lesson 9. Francis’ Death 1225-1226
Lesson 10. Francis’ Impact