Unit Three - The Franciscan Vine Grows

Module One : Putting down roots (beginnings of the Franciscan family)

Lesson 1. Introduction and History, 1217 – 1231

Lesson 2. History of the First Order from 1226 – 1274

Lesson 3. History of the First Order from 1274 – 1328

Lesson 4. History of the First Order from 1329 – 1418

Lesson 5. History of the First Order from 1418 – 1517

Lesson 6. A selection of topics from the history of the First Order


Module Two : Growing branches (early development of the family)

Lesson 1. The third order Secular

Lesson 2. Sources for the Third Order

Lesson 3. The development of the Third Order Regular

Lesson 4. The bull of Canonisation for St Clare os Assisi (1255)

Lesson 5. The development of the Second Order


Module Three: Pruning and new growth (modern Franciscanism)

Lesson 1.   Methodology and Church history of the First Period
Lesson 2.   First Order history 1517 – 1648
Lesson 3.   Conventuals, Colettans, Capuchins and stricter observance OFM
Lesson 4.   Second and Third Orders in the reformation period and the Franciscan response to the reformation
Lesson 5.   Franciscan missionary evengelisation