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Christians Together in Canterbury – Welcoming the Redbridge Families: Minutes of meeting 16th June 2016

The Big Mile Report - 24 July 2016. We have received a note of thanks from Colette Noble on behalf of StThomas’s St Vincent de Paul Society. 

Further news about the Redbridge Families - 24 July 2016. See the bottom of this page for the latest report.

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Wine and Wisdom, Friday 24 February, 7pm, organised by the Friends of FISC. 


Redbridge Families Latest Report, October 2016
Dear Friends,
Over the past 15 weeks, 147 families have moved from the London area to the Howe Green estate on the edge of Canterbury. Many of them have come from hostel or refuge accommodation, and had almost nothing to their names. Many feared being made to feel unwelcome, having read in our local press that some Canterbury residents were unhappy about Redbridge Council buying this housing stock. Many were distressed at leaving family and friends, to move to a city 60 miles from their home.
But the Christian community in Canterbury has been able to make a difference. Your generosity has been overwhelming, and your prayers have been powerful. Thanks to all you’ve done so far, Christians Together in Canterbury has been able to help in numerous ways:
* We’ve visited every family  within a few days of their arrival on the estate, giving them a Welcome Bag full of gifts.
* We’ve provided thousands of pounds’ worth of furniture, household items and white goods to those who needed them.
* We’ve helped link people up with reliable local traders who have done essential gas and electrical work at discount prices.
* We’ve helped families to discover what Canterbury has to offer, so they can start building their lives here.
And now, Redbridge Council have taken possession of the remaining homes on the Howe Green Estate, so the work goes on! Between now and Christmas, 61 more families will arrive, and we would like to be able to give every single one of them a Welcome Bag, as well as helping in whatever other ways we can.
One lady said of the Welcome Bag she received:
‘It wasn’t just what was in the bag ... it was the kindness that touched me ... the thought that someone had done all that, just for us.’
We don’t just want to give ‘stuff’, we want to give kindness, and every bag you create is a deep, powerful prayer of blessing for one of those families.
Here’s what to do:
Please fill a large carrier-bag with the following:
Box of teabags; jar of instant coffee; bag of sugar; bottle of squash; pack of disposable cups (suitable for hot drinks); pack of plastic spoons; toilet roll; pack of cleaning wipes; pack of plasters; 100 Watt bayonet light-bulb; tin-opener; cake/packet of biscuits; something fun for children (bubbles or colouring book + pencils); gift for the home (mug, teatowel etc); street map of Canterbury.
(NB. All food/drink items must be new and unopened, and must have a shelf-life of at least 1 month.)
Once your bag is made up, please drop it off at The Salvation Army Annexe between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday. The contents will be transferred into one of our special Welcome Home shopping bags, and collected by one of the Welcome Home Visiting Team, to be delivered to a family on the day they move in.
For more info, please email
Again, thankyou!
Lyndall Bywater
Moderator, Christians Together in Canterbury