Our Library 

The library at FISC holds around 65,500 volumes, most of which are on open access. There are some 330 journal runs, including around 100 current subscriptions, in the fields of Franciscan Studies, Theology, Biblical Studies, Church History and Ethics, among others. At present re-cataloguing of the entire stock is taking place to make the catalogue available electronically – you can check it here, but please remember that only around 38% of our books have been added to this catalogue yet; you can now adjust the layout of information on screen between ISBD, MARC and Normal views.

The library’s Franciscan Studies collection includes over 6,000 volumes specifically related to the various fields of Franciscanism, and is believed to be the largest such collection in northern Europe. The earliest volumes include manuscripts from the late Middle Ages and incunabula (books from the very earliest days of printing) but there is a vigorous on-going purchasing programme to support learning and research at all levels.

Some weekly journals, such as the Church Times and the Tablet can also be accessed on-line.   Please ask the Librarian for details.

Other libraries you may use

Reciprocal arrangements are in place to allow our students to make use of the books and journals on the shelves of the Templeman Library at the University of Kent, the library of the Canterbury Christ Church University including St Augustine’s Library, based upon the collection of the former St Augustine Theological College), the South-East Institute of Theological Education, and of the University of the Creative Arts (Canterbury campus), all on approximately the same terms as those institutions’ own students have. Use of electronic or computing resources is not included in the reciprocal arrangements.

Students enrolled on university-validated courses also have access, upon request, to the facilities of a choice of other university libraries in the UK.

Arrangements can also be made to allow access to other libraries affiliated to the Canterbury Circle of Libraries, including Canterbury Cathedral Library.

Contacting and using the library

Enrolled students have access to the library from early morning to late evening, seven days a week, during term time, and usually during vacations too.

Others may visit the library between 11am and 4pm Monday – Friday, unless the librarian is away.